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Magic Moments


Your wedding isn't just a party; it's an event. For some it's the most important day of their lives and we are so very appreciative every single time a couple chooses us as the company to enhance the visual and audio experience for their most memorable moment together.

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Special Occasions


We LOVE to celebrate! Whether your kid is still a kid, becoming an adult, or you're celebrating your 6th year as a 29 year old, we want to be there with you. Getting older doesn't mean you're not still young on the inside. And in the feet :)

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Culture Shifts

Corporate Events

8am - 5pm, 5 days a week. Cubicles, Customers, and TPS reports. Have your team come in on a Saturday and replace staplers with volley balls, vending machine snacks with endless chips and cheese plates, and the safe-for-work elevator music with Golden Trumpet. They work hard for you, most of the time, so show them that you care by letting lose for a few hours! We'll ponder the age old mystery of who let the dogs out, together.

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Other Services of Interest

Photo Booth

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Ordained Minister

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For the most important day of your life.

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